Case Studies

  • Travellers and Expatriates

    Having left the UK in 1998 to travel the world, Prime have provided our UK presence for us. We may return one day. Until then, keep up your good work to us. Highly recommend your service.

    James and Hyacinth Gutteridge

    Travellers and Expatriates

    Whether you are traveling the world or relocating overseas, retaining a UK presence can be difficult if you have sold your property or given up your tenancy to relocate overseas and now have no fixed UK address.

    Many companies and institutions such as banks and building societies will not continue their arrangements with you once you leave the UK. In order to maintain your British life overseas, having a UK address is a must.

    Our Street Address can be used as your UK address. Once registered, our address can be given out directly to people as if you were residing at our address. You can even re-direct your old property mail to us. All of your incoming mail is either held or forwarded on to you anywhere in the world.

  • The Home Worker

    I use a Prime Secretarial address for my custom jewellery business that I run from home. Having my home address protected and someone to sign for my items has been a god send! I hope to expand to have my own office one day!

    Natalia Bulchalski
    Natalties Novelties

    The Home Worker

    Whilst running a business from home in the current business climate keeps overheads low, your home address does not necessary reflect prestige or confidence to a potential client.

    Many home-workers, especially internet-based businesses that are run successfully from home, often face the dilemma about using their home address in terms of security.

    By using one of our London Virtual Office addresses as your business address will not only protect your home address from the general public, but also enhance your corporate identity. Just how prestigious you want to look is entirely up to you and we have a range of London Addresses to choose from to suit your business image.

    We can also act as your Registered Office and Director's Service Address, in addition to using our address on your letterheads, business cards and website.

    All mail is either forwarded on to you or held for collection. We can receive parcels and packages at some locations.

  • Small Business Call Answering

    After feeling nervous about outsourcing my business telephone line, I just wanted to say I dont know how I managed before you guys started handling my calls. My customers seem impressed and so am I.

    Paul Cohen, Heating Engineer

    Small Business Call Answering

    Whether you are just starting out or growing at a steady pace, running your business as well as your office can be pretty tough going. You are trying to work so that you earn money but you don't want to miss important business phone calls!

    Let's face it, most Start-ups and Sole Trader businesses cannot warrant premises and a Secretary just to man the phone lines - it's expensive and risky when you are small. Our Call Handling service is a low-cost direct comparison to employing a Secretary on a full time basis.

    An exclusive number provided to you will be answered and handled personally in your Business name by one of our Secretaries. Your caller will have the impression that they are speaking to a member of your very own staff. We'll notify you by Email or SMS as soon as we have a message for you. This leaves you to run your business, whilst we run your office!.

  • A Perfect London Meeting Place

    Thanks, once again, for hosting our annual board meeting. Your staff and hostess services were exceptional and nothing was too much trouble. Keep doing what you are doing. We look forward to next year.

    Abigail Buchanan, Ronake Club

    A Perfect London Meeting Place

    There is nothing illegal or shameful about running your business from your spare room - it's great - no overheads, no travelling... just total flexibility.

    All that hard work has won you a great contract but now your client wants to come and meet with you to sign off that exclusive deal. You are now faced with the dilemma of where to meet them - your spare room is probably far from ideal!

    Our stunning un-branded Meeting Facilities in London can be the perfect central place to impress your client and sign off that important Contract over a cup of coffee. Available by the hour, half or full day, you will feel quite at home with your business name on the Reception intercom and on the office door.

    Arrive beforehand and set the room up as you wish. Wi-Fi internet, a Flip Chart and Projector are available if required.

  • London Branch Office

    We are located in Dubai, but have clients in London. Prime have provided us with a London business facility for many years and our clients don't even realise! The mailing forwarding from London to Dubai is seamless

    Naseem Al Rashid
    NAR Real Estate

    London Branch Office

    Overseas or out-of-town Companies often miss out on great business because of not being located or having an office in London. Many of our clients use our London Mailing Address Service for this very reason.

    Let's imagine you are based outside of London or even in another country, but would like some UK-based contracts. Although you can quite easily fulfil the contract over the internet and service your clients from your existing location, a requirement of this contract may be that you must be London or UK-based.

    Your business name with our London address can be used on your letterheads, business card and website and coupled with one of our London telephone numbers would give the complete impression you have a London Branch Office. Your London number can either be answered by us or diverted to you. Your post would be forwarded on to you wherever you are in the world.

  • Case Studies

    I have been building up my part-time hobby business on eBay but until it pays enough, I still have the 9 to 5 job. Prime receive and sign for all my items for me whilst I am at work. I'm very pleased so far and collect my items on my way home!

    Gita Patel, North London

    Parcel receiving & forwarding

    Parcels and packets from all couriers can be sent to your Prime Street Address. Whether its the occasional item or you are running an eBay business, you need never miss a delivery again with our dedicated parcel receiving service.

    Many of our clients who have moved encounter issues when ordering goods online and find that many websites will not ship to them outside of the UK. With our service, you can order items to be sent to your Prime London Address for us to ship to you. Our receptionists will sign-for items on your behalf and we will alert you when something has arrived.